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Our Privacy Policy

The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us. We identify and appreciate the fact that all personal details of an individual should be highly respected. Listed below are the different categories of the personal records we gather and receive when you our client pay our site a visit. We also detail the steps we take to secure your personal information. We never sell or share information you have entrusted us with third parties.

Log files. Just like a number of other websites, we gather and make use of data in the log files. This data is compiled of elements such as your IP address, time of visit, the pages you clicked on, the type of browser you uses such as Firefox or Opera as well as your ISP, internet service provider such as Shaw cable or AOL.

Cookies and Web Beacons. We store some details when you pay a visit to our website. This information may include your individual preferences when using cookies. This happens when a pop up is displayed on your screen at one time during the period of the visit to the site. We also get information by giving you the option and freedom to access some of the platforms in our site such as the forum.

In order to support the site we also use advertisements from third part companies and these will be displayed on the screen. A number of the advertisers apply modern technology like the web beacons and the cookies so as to promote themselves on our website. Collected records from aspects such as ISP, IP as well as installation and use of flash are sent to the advertisers like Google via the Google ad program. This information is used to attain some geo-targetting goals for instance displaying real estate ads for the Ohio region to those residing in Ohio, or alternatively specific ads on certain sites visited websites such as showing gardening ads to individuals that visit gardening sites on a frequent basis.

Doubleclick DART Cookies. We apply these ads through the Google Double-click. This puts a cookie on your PC when you are surfing the internet and go to a certain website using the double click advertising which comprises of a number of Google adsense ads. This cookie caters to specific ads that are related to your interests and this is referred to as interest based targeting. These ads will be specifically targeted on your former surfing history. For instance, if you were visiting sites on New York then you are likely to view New York hotel ads when you visit other websites.

DART applies the ‘non-personally identifiable information’. Personal records such as mobile number, email address, residential address, social security numbers, bank and credit card numbers cannot be recorded or tracked down. Visiting this site, will enable you to check out of these ads that use this promotion strategy.

You have the freedom to choose between disabling some or putting off all cookies in the settings of your browser. Also you can control the selection in programs such as Norton Internet Security. Note that this can have an impact on your ability to interact with other websites in addition to your website. It also includes the inability to access programs, forums, accounts and services of the site.

Getting rid of all cookies does not necessarily imply that you have opted to get out of an advertising program permanently. In the exceptions where your settings disable cookies, a fresh cookie will be added each time you visit a site with the ads.


“Copyright and Trademark Notice’’

In exceptions of noted cases, all elements in this website, including logos, graphics, text, site design, images, icons as well as the collection of selected and organized material thereof, are the property of Social Media Sourcing, Copyright © 2013, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You are not entitled to use the content of this website in any other way other than to shop or make an order. No part of the materials in this site are to be reproduced, copied, republished, modified, posted, uploaded, distributed or transmitted in any way or means unless we permit with a written consent agreement. Unpermitted usage of any content in this site violates trademark, copyright and a number of related regulations that could lead to civil or criminal penalties. All rights are reserved.

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